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What's Inside TeleWeCure?

A Social Network Dedicated to Patients and Caregivers of Patients Suffering from Pain and/or Disability


Connect with people who share the same problems as yours

Make Friends

Find friends by helping others and letting them help you

Follow Practitioners

Follow the best Practitioners

Join Groups and Networks

Join Groups and Networks based on your own problems

Ask Questions

Ask your questions in your Home Page, or in special Groups

Receive Rehabilitation Services

Online visits by experts in various fields just in a few clicks


 defeat your pain, defeat your disability

Are you suffering from any kind of Pain or Disability? Are you a family member or caregiver of such a patient? 

If YES, This is your Place!

TeleWeCure is not simply a place to find and book for practitioners.

It is a Social Network that lets you connect with patients like yourself, Help them, and get Help from them



Rehabilitation Services

  • Visit by Expert Practitioners

    Practitioners with all required skills are here to provide you Online (Video-Call), sessions

  • Therapeutic Exercises

    Exercises that help prevent or treat your condition specifically selected according to your needs

  • Home-based Rehabilitation Program

    Your specific rehab program will be sent through an application after thorough evaluation by an expert practitioner

  • Assistive Devices

    We can assess your problem in detail and suggest you Assistive Devices and Medical Equipment that can ease your life



Why Choose TeleWeCure?


All rehabilitation services you need to overcome your pain and disability


Quality support through your desired channel


Compliance with best security measures

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